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International Foundation for Victims of Terror Acts

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Help the Victims of the Terrorist Act in Beslan
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The terror act in Beslan is RUSSIA'S SEPTEMBER 11th.

It is clear is that this is the worst terror-related human catastrophe in the history of Russia. As of now, media reports indicate at least 200 victims who already died as a direct result of this terrorist act. Over 700 victims, mostly children, have been taken to local hospitals, a large number of them with very serious injuries.

On September 11, 2001, Russian people and the whole world stood by the people of the United States, Canada, and all other countries whose citizens became victims of that unprecedented terrorist attack.

The Beslan hostage crisis is an example of the same type of terrorism that has perpetrated the September 11 attack. In terms of the number of people involved and the worldwide attention and solidarity, the Beslan siege can in many ways be compared to the major attacks against the US and many other countries.

The Foundation was originally established in 2002 to raise personal and corporate charitable donations to help the families of the Nord-Ost Theater Siege terror victims. That project was successfully completed with all donations fully distributed.

The Foundation is a US public charity and is managed by a group of activists in full accordance with applicable US charity laws.

All personal donations will be used solely to help the children who were injured in Beslan or whose parents died as a result of this terror act.

In order to make this project a true public endeavor, and to assure complete transparency of its financial affairs, the Fund is formed with these unique self-governing features:

  1. All activities of the Fund are managed by the Board of Trustees, the members of which are selected from among those who in the past provided the Fund with maximum assistance in its activities. The Board includes representatives of several countries and was selected from the people who helped the most during the Foundation's initial fundraising activities. Through the Trustees, the opinions of all donors are adequately represented in all Fund's decisions. We provide contact information for each Trustee and each potential donor can call or write any Trustee before making the donation.


  2. All incoming payments are reflected on the Fund's web site within 1-2 days, including the names of all donors. This allows all donors to promptly verify that their donations have been recorded. Names of donors who wish to remain anonymous can be masked.

  3. A complete accounting of all disbursements will also be provided in the same manner. This will assure donors that their donations are delivered to the intended recipients. Donors will be able to contact the recipients to verify receipt of funds.


  4. The Fund incurs no administrative or other expenses related to personal donations, except for nominal processor's fees to accept credit card payments. All money donated by individuals will be delivered directly to victims’ families.

Information about the Fund is distributed through Russian-language periodicals, US and Canadian mass-media, major US and Russian web sites, as well as by direct e-mail by activists.

The Fund asks that anyone requiring emergency assistance contact us immediately at info@moscowhelp.org. The Fund plans to begin emergency disbursements shortly.

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